I finally upgraded my FreeBSD server from 2gb of memory to 8gb of RAM. I have to wait another week for the complete 16gb but thats the life of ordering RAM on ebay. The seller was nice enough to replace the faulty stick.

Mem: 365M Active, 490M Inact, 6345M Wired, 28M Cache, 612M Free
Swap: 16G Total, 153M Used, 16G Free

Things I was able to move off my Noisy 2U Xeon

  • Cacti
  • OTRS
  • PBX

All that is left is my Exchange setup running in a VM. I have been looking into one of those small Atom boards to run it since it does not do much. Now that summer is here that extra 3 AMP heater is getting a little much. The huge amount of noise is not really a problem since the AC’s drown that out.

All is well, I got all my affiliate sites up and runningish.



Still have more things to do my next plan is to get solosoft.ca completely SSL enabled. Since I have so many sub domains and IP’s this might be a little more difficult then I want. It cost money for * SSL’s and im pretty cheap.



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